Pirate School Visits. Living history presentations about pirates, buccaneers and privateers.


Black Bart's Locker. Pirate school visits. Living history from the golden age of piracy

Invite a pirate into your school and get a real picture of life on the high seas during the golden age of Piracy

Black Bart is a character created by myself, Gary Waidson and school visits and presentations are some of the services offered under the banner of Lore and Saga a business dedicated to the delivery of top quality living history visits for the education industry for over a decade.

Black Bart has been created in direct response to requests from teachers who wanted a character based living history visit for the primary framework for literacy, unit 4, adventure and mystery.

A selection of the weaponry used by pirates and displayed in my school visits

Telling the real story of pirates like Bartholomew Roberts, the last and most successful of the great pirate captains, drawing on a mixture of living history and story telling skills, a visit from Black Bart can evoke all the excitement and romance of the so called “Golden age of piracy”

A pirate school visit is supported by a large selection of carefully recreated and in some cases original artefacts from the early 18th century period giving the children a chance to handle objects and form impressions to support their own literacy projects.

While accuracy is of course important in my living history work, a pirate school visit is also designed to evoke the adventurous image of the pirates, as captured in literature such as Treasure Island, and is a particularly good way of engaging both boys and girls on such literacy topics.

Pirate food is also discussed in my school visits

Based near Oldham I am well placed to visit schools in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield and surrounding areas.

A morning or afternoon visit of two hours, with a break if desired, can be arranged to fit in with your schedule.

Please note, this is a presentation designed for key stage two, which contains content and material completely unsuitable for key stage one.

Pirate living history visits for education. School visits linking to the primary framework for literacy, unit 4, adventure and mystery. a pirate school visit is supported with a wide range of artefacts from the golden age of piracy and the presentation is designed to bring pirates, buccaneers and privateers vividly to life in the safety of your own school hall or classroom. Also learn to speak like a pirate with the Piratical Lexicon. A glossary of pirate words and terms..